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Make Time Farm
6666 W. Stuart Rd
Beloit*, WI 53511

*Please note: Google maps will list the address as Orfordville, not Beloit. You're still headed to the right place. (Just make sure you're headed to the rural arrow on the map below.)

Currently the farm is only open to the public for monthly Make Time events or by appointment. Check back soon and we'll let you know when the egg stand re-opens!


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Miss Charlie Dog (aka, Chuck D, the D stands for Dog)


I'm Vanessa. And this is Charlie Dog. We run this joint*. I'm happy to be your farmer and the holder-of-magical-Make-Time space. I wear a lot of hats in my life, but in this photo I'm wearing my favorite hat. A gift from Grandma, it's been on my head since my first farm apprenticeship in 2006. I have no idea how I am going to cope when it disintegrates completely.

I've lived out here for almost four years now, and have come to truly believe the wisdom experienced farmers and country dwellers shared when I first moved here: Wait. The land will talk to you. Over seasons you'll learn. And I have...where the winter winds blow and just how the snow drifts, the low spots, my weed companions - just to name a few. This little slice of land, and learning to work with it, is teaching me so much about patience, paying attention, and letting life arrive at its own pace. 

Moving to the farm has been far more than just figuring out how to most sustainably grow food from this soil, but also how to be a good country neighbor (I grew up a city kid), how to ask for help (I have no large equipment of my own yet), and how to feel confident that I belong here (I do!). This is a life-long learning project, but count me in.

Beyond bringing this little farm back to life, I spend my days supporting farm to school efforts in Wisconsin (will you be a part of the Great Lakes Great Apple Crunch this year?), writing (with an emphasis on maximizing typos), and contributing to A Fierce Practice on a daily basis.

I'm glad you're here. I hope we can connect.

* The only reason I can run this farm is thanks to the help of my supportive family (blood-related and chosen), generous neighbors, and thoughtful mentors. It really does take a village.